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David Allen – Tragedy and Hope Interview

Wednesday, November, 20th 2013

This engaging and inspiring interview with David Allen, by Tragedy and Hope broadcasts, explores the key principles of GTD and how to make informed choices with ease. The interviewer, Richard Grove, is a GTDer himself, and his intelligent questions make this one particularly interesting.

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David Allen – GTD for Creative People

Wednesday, November, 06th 2013

Musician Evan Taubenfeld and entertainment lawyer Danny Passman join David Allen and Coach Kelly Forrister in an inspiring conversation about GTD for creative people. Lots of wonderful nuggets in this one about finding the creative spark within the structure of a GTD system.

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David Allen – Tools for GTD

Tuesday, October, 22nd 2013

David Allen weighs in on one of the most common questions we get: What tools should I use for GTD?

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David Allen – Interview with Charles Duhigg

Monday, May, 06th 2013

Come on in to the mind of an investigative journalist with a GTD spin on it. Charles Duhigg, a multiple award-winning reporter for the New York Times and author of “The Power of Habit,” talks with David about his career and how he does his work, his dedication to GTD, and the fascinating discoveries he has researched in the arena of habits and how we can change them.

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David Allen – Interviewed by Dose of Leadership

Thursday, April, 18th 2013

Richard Rierson Dose of Leadership (www.doseofleadership.com) interviews David Allen on the core principles of GTD, including some tactical steps for getting started.

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David Allen – The GTD Common Denominator

Tuesday, January, 08th 2013

David Allen shares the common denominator among people doing GTD, in this episode of Two Minutes with David Allen.

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David Allen – Using the Calendar vs. Tasks

Thursday, December, 13th 2012

In this short Q&A series, David Allen answers the question about when something belongs on the calendar vs. organizing it on a tasks list.

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David Allen – Getting Others Doing GTD

Wednesday, December, 12th 2012

In this short Q&A series, David Allen answers the question about how to get others–including family members and coworkers–to “do” GTD.

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David Allen – At Least You Have a Wagon

Friday, October, 12th 2012

David Allen shares quick tips for getting back “on” when you’ve fallen off the wagon with GTD, in this episode of Two Minutes with David Allen.

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David Allen – There’s Always a Deeper Level

Wednesday, September, 05th 2012

David talks about the advanced common sense nature of GTD and how there’s always a deeper level to take your understanding and mastery, in this episode of Two Minutes with David Allen.

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David Allen – Getting Started with GTD

Thursday, November, 05th 2009

David Allen – Getting Started with GTD

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David Allen & Mike Williams – on Lifehack.org

Wednesday, May, 09th 2012

Mike Vardy of Lifehack.org interviews David Allen and DAC CEO Mike Williams. They talk about David’s role at the company these days, Mike’s experience of bringing GTD into GE Healthcare, and a glimpse of what’s coming from DAC to bring GTD to the global community.

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David Allen – Interview with Evan Taubenfeld

Monday, February, 13th 2012

David Allen interviews Evan Taubenfeld, a young up-and-coming rock musician, writer, and producer. It’s a fascinating look at how Evan uses GTD in his creative process.

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David Allen & Mike Williams – Challenging Times

Friday, November, 04th 2011

David Allen and Mike Williams discuss navigating through challenging times with GTD. They share keys for your personal and organizational systems for dealing with rapid change, knowing your purpose, defining successful outcomes, clarifying next actions, and setting up the right tools.

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David Allen – Dynamic Steering in an Organization

Thursday, September, 22nd 2011

What would your organizational structure be like if everyone is fully accountable for the roles they hold, both implicitly and explicitly? Can you imagine meetings where the things that you have your attention on are consistently and efficiently processed to concrete Projects & Next Actions? Join David Allen and Kelly Forrister as they speak with the experts from HolacracyOne. They’ll talk about the “Holacracy” operating system, how it’s been integrated into the David Allen Company, and how it complements GTD.

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David Allen – Interviewed by KQED Public Radio

Tuesday, August, 02nd 2011

A terrific interview with David Allen on a wide-range of GTD and productivity best practices. David shares about challenges people face today, getting off your own back, emergency scanning, why social media is addictive and much more. Recorded by KQED public radio, July 2011.

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David Allen & Dave Logan – GTD and Tribal Leadership

Monday, May, 23rd 2011

David Allen and Dave Logan discuss how GTD and Tribal Leadership relate, in this informal discussion. David Allen shares some best practices about GTD and the most common misconception. Dave Logan talks about the dynamics of company cultures and teams.

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David Allen – Positive Talk Radio

Friday, March, 25th 2011

Positive Talk Radio interviews David Allen on the fundamentals of GTD and the value of a clear head and space.

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David Allen – The Do Lectures

Wednesday, October, 13th 2010

David Allen shared at The Do Lectures in Wales. Listen in as David shares the value of GTD and “doing” in this inspiring and thought-provoking presentation.

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David Allen – Guided GTD Mind Sweep

Thursday, July, 29th 2010

From a Webinar on GTD Connect, David walks you through a process for clearing your head and shares tips about how to process what you’ve collected.

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David Allen – What is Black Belt?

Thursday, May, 27th 2010

David gives a succinct description of what “Black Belt” with GTD means. You may be surprised at his response.

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David Allen – Predictable Success

Friday, May, 14th 2010

Les McKeown, author of “Predictable Success”, interviews David Allen on how GTD got started and the growing success of the company.

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David Allen – Describing GTD to Teens

Tuesday, March, 23rd 2010

David Allen describes how he explained the value of GTD to teens. This is a great clip for those of you who would love to share this with your kids.

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David Allen – Goal Setting

Monday, January, 18th 2010

Already broken your New Year’s resolutions? Hear some quick tips from David on goal setting, as interviewed by Scientific American.

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David Allen – The Art of Work vs. the Work You Do

Friday, November, 13th 2009

David answers the question, “Do I need a customized version of GTD for my organization?” What are best practices that apply to all?

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David Allen – Getting Started with GTD

Tuesday, August, 07th 2012

David Allen shares his tips for getting started with GTD. A great dose of guidance on what to do to get your Getting Things Done system off the ground.

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David Allen – Making It All Work

Friday, October, 30th 2009

In this podcast, recorded for “Inside Personal Growth,” David shares the keys from his book Making It All Work: Winning at the Game of Work and Business of Life.

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David Allen – Coaching on the Weekly Review

Tuesday, September, 08th 2009

David Allen, Meg Edwards & Marian Bateman discuss the best practices of the Weekly Review. Here their stories, tips & tricks for mastering this key process in your GTD system.

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David Allen – The Origins of GTD

Thursday, July, 16th 2009

Coach Kelly Forrister interviews David Allen about the origins of GTD. You’ll hear how David learned the core concepts of GTD, such as projects, next actions and the tickler.

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Meg Edwards – Problems or Projects?

Wednesday, July, 01st 2009

Meg describes how GTD’ers often get stuck on defining projects. She shares how defining a problem like a project can help reach a successful outcome.

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David Allen on Using Twitter

Wednesday, June, 17th 2009

Is Twitter good or bad? Is it just a source of procrastination? Is it affecting our GTD workflow and productivity?

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Meg Edwards – Creating a Projects List

Tuesday, May, 19th 2009

Meg Edwards, senior coach with the David Allen Company, shares tips on working with a projects list. She addresses common questions, such as how to tell the difference between a Project and an Area of Focus.

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Meg Edwards – My Journey with GTD Lists

Wednesday, May, 06th 2009

Meg Edwards, senior coach with the David Allen Company, shares her journey with GTD. Hear how she personalized her projects and actions lists to work well for her.

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Meg Edwards – What is GTD?

Friday, May, 01st 2009

Meg Edwards, senior coach with the David Allen Company, shares how she answers the question, “What is GTD?” A great, short podcast demystifying what GTD is all about.

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David Allen – How to Organize Project Actions

Thursday, April, 26th 2007

In this 30-minute podcast David Allen and Kelly Forrister share about some of the keys to managing projects with GTD.

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